Accident Reconstruction

Biomechanics of Accidents

Forensic Engineering

We are foremost experienced and outstanding forensic experts in engineering, applying scientific evidence to accident reconstruction and biomechanics. We explain the physical forces and body movements generated by the accident. Our exceptional professional services assist the settlements of multiple cases, both simple and complex, providing successful support to all aspects of litigation.


Nationwide, we are able to investigate and process data from vehicular, and other than vehicular, accidents. We then analyze the evidence in order to reach conclusions about how the accident unfolded, and what were its true causes. Because of our diligent and comprehensive scientific evaluations, we are unsurpassed in our preeminent reputation.

Types of Cases

We work on vehicular and non-vehicular accidents. We analyze both simple cases, such as rear end collisions, as well as complex, multi-vehicle high velocity situations. We also determine the cause of the injuries, and whether these injuries are biomechanically related to the accident.

Typical cases occurring in both vehicular and non-vehicular accidents involve vertebral column disc disruptions, including fractures, ligament and meniscus injuries of the knees, as well as rotator cuff and SLAP injuries of the shoulder. Our mission is to analyze injuries, and to determine their relationship to the accident, if any. Whereas only some examples have been provided here, we encourage contacting us to discuss any consultations regarding other cases.


As an extremely qualified scientist, Dr. Villalobos has many years of knowledge and experience understanding scientific principles, and their practical applications. He has earned both doctorate and master’s degrees in engineering and in physics. He has years of certification as a registered Professional Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, and, as such, has been most adept in providing effective expert consultation and litigation support.